Rogers Experiencing Nationwide Outage

Jul 8, 2022

Is your business worth an extra $100 a month?

You most likely woke up this morning, went through with your morning routine, and if you’re like pretty much every other Canadian, you checked your phone.  But, wait, what’s going on? Nothing is working!  If you are with Rogers, whether Internet or mobile, you’re down.

Fast forward to walking into your office, your business, your store:  if Rogers is your single provider: you’re down.  You can’t email, you most likely can’t access your files, you can’t access your applications, and most damaging: you can’t process transactions!

Is your business really not worth an extra $100 a month to ensure connectivity and Internet access?

Rogers Internet is Down


We strongly recommend that all of our clients have a back-up Internet connection, and be carrier diverse. This means that you have two connections that come from two different providers. If your Internet is with one carrier, have an LTE back-up from a different carrier. This is especially important at the retail level. Very few retailers have a back-up carrier, making transactions through Interac, credit card, or even gift cards impossible when there’s an outage. It’s back to cash only. How much money are they losing, because they didn’t get a back-up connection FOR LESS THAN $100 A MONTH?

As most companies are transitioning to some kind of cloud service or online applications to run their business, it’s even more imperative that you consider your Internet connectivity at your place of business, to ensure maximum uptime and business continuity. 

To learn more about what we do for our customers to ensure uptime, click here.

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