Experts Agree: Intercept X Delivers Superior Protection

Stop the widest range of attacks with industry’s most comprehensive next-gen endpoint protection.


Stop unknown threats with deep learning

Intercept X detects new and unknown malware using deep learning technology.

“One of the best performance scores we have ever seen in our tests”
~ Maik Morgenstern, CTO, AV-TEST


Protect against ransomware with CryptoGuard

CryptoGuard stops ransomware, and rolls back files to their safe states.

“Intercept X stopped all ransomware attacks we tested against it in seconds”
~ESG Labs


Deny the attacker with signatureless exploit prevention

Intercept X blocks the exploit techniques hackers use to carry out their attacks.

“Intercept X stopped 100% of the exploit techniques that were missed by the traditional antivirus application”
~ ESG Labs