EDR tools are built to supplement endpoint security with increased detection, investigation, and response capabilities.

However, the hype surrounding EDR tools can make it difficult to understand how exactly they can be used and why they are needed. Making matters worse, today’s EDR solutions often struggle to provide value for many organizations as they can be difficult to use, lack sufficient protection capabilities, and are resource intensive.

Sophos Intercept X with EDR integrates intelligent EDR with the industry’s top-rated endpoint and server protection in a single solution, making it the easiest way for organizations to answer the tough questions about security incidents. Here are some additional reasons to consider an EDR solution.


Maintain IT security operations hygiene and hunt down stealthy threats

Depending on the organization IT operations and IT security staff can either be part of the same team, operate independently or even be the same person. Whatever the setup, the two areas require different use cases from an EDR tool, so that tool should be capable of performing both sets of tasks and remain accessible without compromising on power.