Get advanced protection to stop the latest threats

Intercept X delivers the most effective, cloud-based endpoint protection available. It uses advanced defenses such as deep learning, anti-ransomware protections, and active adversary techniques to stop the widest range of threats. Intercept X customers benefit from the latest security innovations that block modern threats.


Stop unknown threats

An advanced form of machine learning, deep learning technology enables the detection and removal of advanced malware, even if it has never been seen before. Sophos’ deep learning malware detection engine examines the “DNA” of a file and compares it to the known universe of malware to detect threats that otherwise may go undetected.


Block ransomware

Intercept X stops file and full disk ransomware in its tracks before it can cause any damage. It works by detecting maliciouse


Deny attackers

Exploit techniques and file-less attacks are some of the most common tools used by attackers to compromise an organization. Intercept X provides dedicated mitigations to stop these attacks before they can even begin.


Protection proven in the real world

Intercept X is consistently top-rated by customers, industry analysts, and professional testers. You can see more third-party validation at