Intercept X and CryptoGuard

Our Intercept X product has a feature called CryptoGuard. When we see any malicious encryption happening we stop it in its tracks. Then we roll-back any changes made by the ransomware.


Types of Threats

Known Threats

Traditional approaches struggle to keep up with unknown threats 400K: The number NEW malware samples Sophos Labs analyzes every day.


The gap in defenses has allowed new threats to arise, most notably ransomware. $2500: The average ransomware victim pays out $2500 per attack (Ponemon). 7% of the time they pay over $10K (Ponemon). Recently we’ve seen ransomware victim Reckitt Benckiser and Maersk shipping claim losses of $100 million and $300 million from ransomware.

Unknown .exe

Attackers are constantly creating new malware variants, this unknown malware is more difficult for traditional techniques to detect. 75%/25%: Of the 400K samples analyzed by SophosLabs, approximately 75% of the samples are unique to that specific organization, meaning they are unknown.