The threat of cybercrime is the new reality for enterprises worldwide. It is not a matter of if you will be targeted, but a matter of when. Unfortunately, most organizations are not proactive in their approach to information security until they have been breached. Synchroworks Consulting has practical experience addressing and managing the most complex security breaches. Through timely and strategic response to security incidents, Synchroworks Consulting reduces recovery time, costs and damage. We offer Incident Response retainers as well as hourly rate packages to support your remediation efforts.


The Synchroworks Difference

  • When a cyber incident occurs, we respond with customized resources.
    We bolster your existing tools and processes with our state-of- the-art networking, discovery, and forensic tools. Our flexibility provides a faster, more effective response. We maintain a neutral perspective throughout our response delivery.
  • Service Focused
    Secure availability of proactive incident response services and emergency incident response services with SLAs during the entire contract term.
  • Quick Assessment
    Leverage purpose-built endpoint sensors, network sensors and analytics for rapid incident evaluation at scale.