The cyber threat landscape in the financial sector is constantly changing, with new threats surfacing every day.

The best practice hardening of defences at many larger financial institutions has pushed malicious actors to adapt and modify their targets and attack vectors. As a result, smaller organizations can and have been targeted – both for immediate financial gain, and as a means of access into larger organizations’ infrastructure. Any institution that has public facing (or Internet facing) operations should consider itself at risk of a cyber breach.

It is therefore critical that all organizations – regardless of size – harden their cyber defences in proportion to the sensitivity of their information assets.

This guide on cyber incident management has been designed for Buduchnist Credit Union Ltd. to enhance their preparedness to deal with a cyber incident. This document is not intended to constitute a cyber risk assessment for individual institutions.

Included checklists:

  • Incident Response Plan – Team Scenario Overview
  • Incident Response Plan – Annual Checklist
  • Incident Response Plan – Before an Incident
  • Incident Response Plan – During an Incident
  • Incident Response Plan – After an Incident
  • Incident Response Plan – Report Template