Do you want to access “the cloud” but aren’t quite sure how to do it or what it even means? Don’t worry, we’ve got the experts to get you there. Synchroworks Consulting can guide you to the ideal platform to serve your needs and fit your budget.

There are many advantages to the cloud but it is not always easy getting there. You need to select the right cloud service provider for your needs, whether it be a small environment, specific applications, platforms such as Office365, or your enterprise systems. We have the experience to help develop the right cloud strategy for your business, performance, security and budget needs. We also have the experienced resources, tools and relationships to plan and execute your migration to the cloud, including the change management with your users, customers and partners.

In the past few years cloud adoption has increased significantly, as it provides considerable value over traditional datacenters —achieving greater scalability, cost efficiency, and improved performance. By migrating to the cloud, you can save up to 80 percent over the total cost of running a traditional solution on-premises.