In migrating to the cloud, you first need to get a better understanding of your applications, how many servers and/or virtual machines you have, and how you’ll need to plan to move them to the cloud.

Uncertainties about the total savings and perceived complexity can get in the way of taking this step. Many organizations have come to realize that moving existing workloads to the cloud can yield significant benefits.

Justifying the investment requires confidence that you’ll save a significant amount on operational costs, and that your current workloads will work as expected in the cloud.

Many workloads can run immediately on most cloud platforms without modification, while other workloads that have operational and application dependencies in an on-premises environment require further analysis and planning. If your applications are made up of multiple servers or virtual machines, then consolidated planning must be done to identify these and shift them to the cloud. This is not a manual process, and you’ll need intelligent planning tools to do it.